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Elstgeest Youngplants

We have been working with young plants for more than 25 years. Our nursery in the Dutch town of Rijsenhout is fully equipped to grow and propagate young plants as efficiently and effectively as possible. The entire process and all our facilities are dedicated to giving the young plants all the expert care and attention they need.


In addition to our production location in Rijsenhout we also have contracts with propagation companies in Tanzania and Uganda, where some of our cutting production takes place. Besides the cuttings from our own production locations, we also buy in material from propagators in other countries, all specially selected for their reliability and quality. This enables us to supply you with high quality cuttings all year round.


Besides young plants grown from cuttings, we also supply a wide range of plants grown from tissue culture. With our worldwide network of contacts, we are able to commission the production of - or buy in - many different top quality tissue culture products. At customers’ specific request we also use their own (often protected) mother stock material for tissue culture.


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