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Our company

Elstgeest Young Plants is a real family business that was founded in 1941 by our grandfather, André Elstgeest. He started out by growing bulbs and flowers. More than 30 years ago, however, André and his sons Fons and Egbert started producing tropical foliage plants. Their first finished products included Dieffenbachia. Later, they started producing their own propagation material. They were so successful at this that they soon started supplying others with starting material. That’s when the business really took off.

In 2007, André’s grandchildren, Daan and Debbie Elstgeest, started running Elstgeest Young Plants, a company that now focuses entirely on producing young plants. Our nursery in Rijsenhout is completely equipped as a production facility for young tropical foliage plants. Here, we have everything necessary to turn out products of excellent quality.

We believe in the importance of being a reliable partner for our customers, our suppliers and our personnel. For us, the keys to this are providing direct clear communication and fulfilling our commitments. As a result, we are pleased with our fantastic customers, the best suppliers and the finest personnel we could wish for.

Our family has inspired us and passed on a love for our work. We hope to be able to share this passion with anyone open to receiving it. After all, we love what we do!

With kind regards,
Daan and Debbie Elstgeest

Our motto

Honesty, innovation and quality: the three cornerstones that we believe in and also apply to the entire company. We think these are what it takes for maintaining good business operations and keeping satisfied customers.


Dealing respectfully with people and the environment. Being reliable and sincere. The result? A deal is a deal. You can also expect open direct communication from us.


We are constantly involved in the innovation of both our product portfolio and our cultivation techniques. For us, this goes without saying.   


We are always working toward perfecting quality. This is also why our customers come to us with their own specifications.

Our team

It’s true: the people at Elstgeest Young Plants really are a great team! They’re a wonderful blend of expertise, personalities and nationalities. Most have been working together for years. This extensive experience gives us an edge every single day. It’s a team that all of us can be proud of.

Our commitment to working in horticulture is devoted every day to producing your products. We really couldn’t imagine a better occupation.